Hair Transplant is a simple, surgical procedure, done under local anesthesia. Hair transplant is performed using the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE Technique. An average hair transplant procedure lasts between five and six hours. Our team of experts can transplant up to 4000 grafts in a single procedure. This procedure does not require hospital admission and you are discharged the same day. The results are permanent and natural looking. A thorough assessment is carried out to determine the needs of every individual and the procedure is customized based on these needs.

  • Hair transplant can also help restore lost eyebrows, moustaches (for men) and gaps in the beard area.
  • Scalp Reduction
  • A simple surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia

Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon

It is our common psychology to conceive our tresses guaranteed. We feel that they will magnify the beauty of our scalp forever. However certain factors like advancing age, heredity, pollution, lack of nutrition contribute to the loss of curls. Hair transplantation is one mechanism which restores your hair naturally. It is the natural tendency to lose hair from a particular part especially front side of scalp. In the method of hair transplantation the extra hair from your back side is grafted to the front bald area. The medical practitioners have been performing this type of surgery in America since 1950s and the moving time has witness profound improvement in its technique.

Scalp Reduction

Like hair transplantation, scalp reduction is also intended to augment the appearance of your scalp. Scalp reduction may be defined as a surgical therapy to eliminate the parts of the scalp that are affected by alopecia, the principle to trim down the overall area of the bald skin. The healthier parts are then extended and re-located thereby making the balding area slighter and more controllable. This technique is also reckoned as Alopecia Reduction or Male Pattern Reduction to diminish unattractive exterior. The entire process is done under local anesthesia.

Hair Flap

How would you feel to look yourself with lush bouncy hair from different angles in your mirror? You will definitely exhilarate to see your magnificent façade. Hair Flap may be called as an advanced version of hair transplantation technique in which in place of bunch of hair strands a larger segment of hair-bearing-skin is shifted to the balding area from the hair bearing areas of the head. The size of the flap and its placement is entirely dependent on the concerned patient’s requirements. With the passage of the time, as the flap cures the sore will be veiled by relocated hair.