People often claim that cosmetic surgery is confined only to the magnification of beauty. However this is not the complete truth. It is a medical area of expertise which deals with corrections of defects, improvements in manifestation and reinstatement of vanished function. History has witnessed its significance since a long time. The first recorded version of reconstructive plastic surgery was originated in Indian Sanskrit Texts, which illustrated reconstructive surgeries of nose and ears. In prehistoric Greece and Rome, many medicine men performed trouble-free plastic cosmetic surgeries to restore injured parts of the body caused by war disfigurement, sentence or humiliation.

The attention in surgical reconstruction of mutilated body parts was rehabilitated in the eighteenth century by a great number of passionate and charming surgeons, who were highly proficient in surgical disciplines and became accurate artists that shaped new forms. In the twentieth century, plastic surgery developed as a present branch in medicine including countless types of reconstructive surgery, hand, head and neck surgery, microsurgery and re-plantation, conduct of burns and their esthetic surgery. Contemporalry and prospect plastic surgery will carry on to progress and get better with regenerative medicine and tissue manufacturing consequential in a lot of benefits to be gained by patients in rebuilding after body trauma, oncology amputation, and for congenital injury and dysfunction.

The Director of AA Derma Science Gurgaon Dr. Anil Agarwal shares his views that it is a fact that the patients do require cosmetic surgery for the accomplishment of long term desired results. This branch of medical science is still evolving. In order to achieve the preferred patient results medical practitioners often have to embrace blending approach or rather multidisciplinary advance. The dermatologist further explains that our experience and skills have helped us to guide the patients on the preeminent ways for the triumph of their aesthetic goals. He states that there are various ways for this. Injections are used in a few cases. On the other hand, it is surgery along with soft tissue fillers or soft tissue fillers and laser management and for some it is the entire beyond. However the best outcome is achieved through the combination therapies at his clinic by Dr. Anil Agarwal.

He further states that the modern patients are benefitting from the blend of technologies rather than the same of disciplines. For instance, we add laser resurfacing to approximately all our facelifts (fat graft also). Our cosmetic surgeons at gurgaon are always amending or humanizing their techniques. He goes on saying that cosmetic surgery deals with correcting skin flaws that are not considered illness or ailments. These flaws include sun harm, skin discoloration or loss in pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks, acne and other scars and loose skin. Most of these issues take place due to extreme introduction to ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds. Cosmetic dermatologists assist patients in the progress of their emergence thereby restoring the skin to a more youthful state, chiefly by using non-invasive or minimum invasive cosmetic procedure which involves the following methods:

¨ Derma fillers like Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm

¨ Wrinkle fillers such as Botox or Dysport cosmetic

¨ Laser skin healing like Photo facial, Micro Laser Peels, Partial Resurfacing and Skin Tightening

¨ Liposuction