Glowing radiant skin along with lustrous curls supplements the magic to your personality especially during your youth. However things change with the wheel of time and there comes a juncture when you are deprived either or both of them. Further there are many who have been deprived of these gifts from the God during their youth itself. If you are really apprehended about your skin or hair problems, then leave all your worries be taken care by Doctor Anil Agarwal, who is the best dermatologist in Gurgaon that offer countless solutions to look after your every single necessitate. The aim of AA Derma Science Gurgaon is to provide inclusive medical care, hair treatment and the most excellent surgical dermatology practice to its clients. The team of the derma group guides you to recognize and help you to decide the right kind of treatment procedure that suits your needs and requirements, adhering to your resources.

The group takes care of your needs, by offering varieties of treatments right from the skin brightening and facials to stern skin problems by using the most up-to-date techniques with the most innovative expertise and the best wide-ranging set up. The Director of the best derma group, Doctor Anil firmly convicts that we are not only expert in cosmetic dermatology, but also in clinical dermatology.


AA Derma Science provides premium services which meets the needs of a range of skin concerns and skin types. If you are looking for skin brightening or maintenance facials or solutions for more ruthless problems like pigmentation and skin sagging, the clinic has it all. The texture of your skin is analyzed by using a digital analyzer, which gives a meticulous and extravagant view of your skin at high resolution. Fine lines, pigmentation and all types of flaws can be analyzed in great depth and acknowledged. The systematic approach helps in customizing treatments solely tailor made for you, so that you get results which are intended for your skin type. The clinic also offers hair fall solutions. Specific types of service rapidly controls hair fall in 15-20 days.

As far as clinical dermatology is concerned, Anil says that we are dedicated in diagnosing and curing any kind of skin disease such as chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczemas and vitiligo.


Unwanted body hair is objectionable. Everyone desires for a smooth and a silky skin. The widespread methods of hair removal are waxing, shaving and bleaching. All of these techniques have their own drawbacks and are provisional solutions. Laser hair removal is a safe scheme, which can help in considerable hair growth reduction. Multiple sessions are required, which are spaced separately in few months interval. A bare minimum of 6 sessions are needed for accomplishing wanted results.


The treatment will help you restore your skin color at the clinic. Vitiligo is due to the deficiency of melanin, which is a pigment that is produced by particular cells. It is a pigmentation mess that affects the skin color. This results in white patches, which appear on dissimilar parts of the body. There are many diverse types of Vitiligo and also there are many ways to treat it at the clinic. This can either be throughout topical applications, surgery or photo-therapy. Anil can proudly state that we have many contented and pleased patients, who are confident about their appearance. We offer phototherapy management, which assists in regaining back the lost color.